19th Century Venice Frame
17th Century Spanish Christ
Two scenes of late 18th century genre
Gilt Wood Frame 18th Century
Important Mirror Of Between Two Louis XIV
Important Mirror Channels 18th. Century
17th Century Italian Frame
Frame said to "Channels" 19th Century
Italy 18th Century Frame
Italy 17th Century Frame
Italy 18th Century Frame
Oval frame Louis XIII 17th century
Very Large Bench Louis XVI Style
Beautiful Louis XVI 18th Century Mirror
Great fountain with water 19th
Important 19th Century Frame
19th Century Garden Table
18th Century Gilded Wood Frame
Napoleon III 19th frame
Important 18th Century Painted Wooden Frame
18th Century Gilded Wood Frame
Portrait of man in headscarf
Frame in rosewood, pewter and brass 19th century
Walnut Frame 18th Century
Gilt wood frame Early 19th
Pair Of Gilt Wood Frames 19th Century
Important walnut frame 19th century
Old 18th century gilded wood frame Carved and gilded wooden frame
Important Old Circa 1900 Frame
Pair of Antique Art Nouveau Frame Circa 1900
18th Century Louis XVI Gilded Wood Mirror
Important 18th Century Frame
Walnut Frame 19th Century
Large Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Pair of Napoleon III 19th Century Frame
Gilded wood frame 19th Century
Rosewood frame early 19th
Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Important Art Deco Frame
Workshop Easel
Barbizon Frame 19th
Tramp Folk Art Mirror
Art Deco Frame
20th Oak Frame
Gilded Wood Frame 19th Century
Pair Of Frames In Shells 19th Century
Engraving Dressed Early 18th Century
Art Nouveau Frame
Gilded Wooden Frame 18th Century
Frame Old Louis XVI Period 18th
Important Garden Vase 19th Century
Old Walnut Frame 19th
Mahogany Veneer Frame 19th Century
German Wooden Frame Black And Decor From Plomb 18th Century